Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #1 (of 3)

There is perhaps some irony in the fact that the same month that a Green Lantern movie premieres to largely lackluster reviews (I still haven't seen it - hope to catch it this week), we have a Green Lantern-connected Flashpoint mini-series that is also weak.

That's because it covers almost exactly the same ground as the recent GL Secret Origins series.

We meet Hal Jordan, who idolizes his dad (who is a pilot) and loves flying but is brash and irresponsible. The only thing that's different in this Flashpoint version of reality is that instead of being a test pilot for Ferris Industries, he's a fighter pilot for the military - which has hired Ferris to protect the west coast.

It's that characterization of Hal as a bit thick - a student who doesn't study - that really doesn't work for me. Pilots can be a bit eccentric, but they also have to be sharp - great students who know their math and know the complicated machines they fly inside and out.

So we have a story by Adam Schlagman which basically repeats GL's origin, throws in a completely improbable action sequence, and then gives us a twist ending that doesn't have much of a twist to it.

The art is by Ben Oliver, and he delivers a solid, painted look to the art - but the panel layouts on some pages are confusing and it's not always clear what exactly is happening. But the visuals on the villain are very impressive.

So of the Flashpoint tie-ins I've read so far, this one's the weakest. The film has to be better than this.

Grade: C


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