Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flashpoint #3 (of 5)

I've been enjoying the Flashpoint series so far, but it occurs to me that this really shouldn't be an event comic.

It would have been a really impressive storyline in the Flash's own comic - but here, puffed up into an "Event," it just seems almost insubstantial, like an Imaginary Story on steroids.

It's the problem with "alternate reality" stories - in a story where anything can happen, does anything really count?

This issue picks up where the last one left off, as the Flash (Barry Allen) tries to convince the Flashpoint version of Batman to help him regain his powers before his memories of the "real" world fade away.

We also get a few hints about other events around the world, such as the freedom fighters in the United Kingdom and some of the secrets behind Project Superman.

As always, Geoff Johns writes a solid story, and this beast of a story really starts moving here. The art by Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope is outstanding, of course, with amazing depictions of frantic action and intense emotional encounters.

So far we still have no idea how the mess that the Reverse Flash has made of the timeline can ever be sorted out - but it's great fun following along.

But I still think having more than a dozen "sidebar" titles is a bit much.

Grade: A-


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