Friday, July 22, 2011

DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman #1 (One Shot)

Since I'm a fan of the "Mod" Wonder Woman, I had to pick up this issue in DC's Retroactive (1970s) series.

Of course, it seems almost ungrateful to point out that WW was Mod during the '60s, not the '70s.

Actually, the feature story feels much more like a '60s story written by Robert Kanigher.

Written by Denny O'Neil, the Retroractive tale jumps right into the action, as Wonder Woman approaches the island home of the Amazons, only to see it sink beneath the waves.

She's contacted by an alien creature (of some kind) that forces her to take part in a series of tests - but before she can begin, her costume is transformed into a '60s white jumpsuit.

The story doesn't make much sense (thus the Kanigher link), but I get the feeling that it will be continued in the '80s Retroactive issue (although I may be wrong there).

The art on the issue is by J. Bone, and it's a heck of a lot of fun. It's expressive, animated, energetic and full of fun. It feels like Bone is channeling a bit of Darwyn Cooke and artist Michael Sekowsky.

The issue also features a reprint in the back featuring the depowered WW fighting Catwoman - and it's a wild one, also written by Denny O'Neil, with art by Dick Giordano. And the surprise guests on the last page (not identified, though fantasy fans may recognize them) are a good hook into the next issue.

So, a fun issue if a bit silly in places. Looking forward to the next one!

Grade: B+

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