Friday, June 17, 2011

Wonder Woman and the Furies #1 (of 3)

This week I looked over three of the Flashpoint tie-in comics.

First I looked at Legion of Doom, out of sentiment for the old Super Friends cartoon. After a quick flip-through, my impression was that it seemed gory (with a gross final sequence).

Then I looked at the Gorilla Grodd comic, and saw several gross-out scenes with Grodd murdering people and ripping out spines. I passed.

(I should mention that I don't object to graphic violence in comics - when it fits the comic. Too many of the Flashpoint comics - judging by my quick perusals - just seem to be trying too hard to shock the reader at the expense of the story. OK, I'll hop off the soapbox.)

Finally I looked at Wonder Woman and the Furies - which I had expected to be the most violent of the bunch, considering the depiction of the Amazons in the Flashpoint series.

But then I saw the writing team was Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, and they've done some very good work lately. The art was by Scott Clark and Dave Beaty, and it's quite good, with more of a clean and classic approach. So I picked it up.

It actually has some downright sweet moments, and the first meeting of Aquaman (Aquaboy) and Wonder "Girl" is a delight, evoking memories of the old Kanigher-Andru stories with Wonder Girl and Merboy.

Of course, it's not all sweetness and light as we see what happens when two warlike legendary races try to put aside their differences - and end up going to war instead.

Oh, and the comic features the silliest instant costume change I've seen in comics in a while.

This is the backstory for the "present day" events in Flashpoint, and of the tie-in books I've seen so far, this one is the best. But that's not exactly high praise.

Grade: B


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