Monday, June 13, 2011

Mystery Men #1

Sometimes the comic book gods are kind.

I somehow overlooked this book when I picked up my comics this week, but at the checkout I also bought a storage box, and then, in my rush to get back to work, I bolted out the door and left the box behind.

That evening a couple of friends mentioned how much they had enjoyed Mystery Men, so the next day I stopped in to retrieve my comics box and I picked up a copy of this issue.

I'm glad I did! The story by David Liss is set in New York in 1932, and it focuses on several pulp-style heroes and villains, and it's a cracking good yarn.

The central character is the man known as The Operative, who helps the poor by stealing from the obscenely rich. But after a loved one's tragic murder, he finds himself the target of a corrupt police investigation.

At the same time, an evil force is on the rise - and it may be more than any normal man can manage.

This is a fast-paced, hard-edged series loaded with terrific characters (one of whom has the coolest first appearance in recent comics memory), a razor-sharp storyline and genuine horror.

The art is by Patrick Zircher with colors by Andy Troy, and it's outstanding. Dark and evocative of the pulp era, the art is a perfect match for the setting.

I'm anxiously waiting for the next issue - and you can bet I won't pass it over by accident.

Grade: A



Peter Wallace said...

You're welcome, Chuck! :)
I had to look up "Revenant". Very cool character...

Chuck said...

Appreciate the advice, Pete! And I agree, The Revenant is awesome!

El Vox said...

I enjoyed this mini-series too. I wish they do a second one as I enjoyed the pulpy feel to it and it had great characters.