Monday, June 27, 2011

John Byrne's Next Men #7

This is a tough one to review (he said, after staring at the computer screen for the longest time).

Part of that is because this issue of Next Men (more or less) wraps up the opening story arc, and it's difficult to talk about without giving too much away.

The story by John Byrne has the members of the team trapped (and in peril) in different moments in history, while a group of futuristic scientists try to effect a rescue.

It's an involved story which makes great use of time travel and some of its more complicated angles, but it's not always easy to follow what's going on here, and it brings up a character who - quite frankly - I don't remember (though no doubt it'll be made clearer next issue).

As always, the art (also by Byrne) is outstanding, and the story features lots of twists and turns.

It would be difficult to start this series with this issue, but for those who've been following along, it's another strong chapter in a series - collect 'em all!

Grade: A-


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