Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Avengers Academy #15

And then things got serious.

Last issue the Avengers Academy team got beaten badly by the Sinister Six (which is as it should be - unlike the recent issue of Iron Man, where they were treated like buffoons, the Six are experienced and deadly foes - they should never be an easy win for the good guys).

This time around, the Academy is in much bigger trouble as they're called into duty as part of the Fear Itself event.

The story by Christos Gage does a good job of portraying the horrors of war. There's nothing glamorous or exciting about it - it's brutal, dirty, soul-crushing work.

The event is actually affecting both the students and the teachers. We see the challenges the students experience, and the bigger ones faced by the adult members when they confront one of the hammer-wielding monsters.

The art by Tom Raney is quite good, with some powerful action sequences and strong emotional moments.

So overall, another strong effort and a solid start to this series. I think I prefer this book when it has a lighter tone - but there's plenty of room for serious stories, too.

Grade: B+


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