Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Morning Glories #9

(Sorry to be running late with today's post - I just returned from a vacation in Austin, Texas.)

I don't know why the use of twins in a story automatically earns a groan of pain from my internal fan.

After all, twins aren't a fictional creation - they exist in the real world. I've known more than a few twins in my life - some of them identical, some not.

Perhaps it's because so many writers have used them badly, so they end up being caricatures. There's the "good twin / bad twin" thing that's been done to death, there's the "I didn't know you had a twin" story, there's the "twins taking each other's place" bit - you get the idea.

So it was with some trepidation that I read this issue of Morning Glories, after seeing the revelation last issue that Jun Fukayama has a twin whose name is Hisao.

They finally confront each other in this issue, and we see a flashback sequence that shows how one was selected for the mysterious academy - and the other was not.

It's a grim tale, but like previous issues, it gives us just a little more information about the mystery behind the private school that has become such a strange home to the lead characters.

The art by Joe Eisma continues to grow on me - it's a sparse style that captures the emotion and the intensity of each setting.

And kudos to writer Nick Spencer for providing one of the first "twin" stories that actually worked - I didn't groan once.

Grade: A-


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