Saturday, May 14, 2011

Breed III #1

It's always a pleasure to see one of my favorite comics creators back in action, which is why the return of Jim Starlin and his creation 'Breed is such good news!

Starlin has a well-earned reputation for creating some of the greatest cosmic storylines in the history of comics (both as writer and artist), including his stellar run on Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), the invention of Thanos, his retooling of Warlock, the creation of Dreadstar and his stories about the demonic warrior known as 'Breed.

But don't worry if you missed the previous two mini-series starring 'Breed, because this issue brings you up to date on the story behind former soldier Ray Stoner, whose mother was raped by a demon. As a result, he has two distinct personas - that of a normal man and a powerful demon.

The story starts out in full action mode, as 'Breed takes on a small army of demons as he tries to protect a woman and her child. The action is fast and furious, and it's good to see that Starlin hasn't lost a step - his art sizzles with brutal action, clear and clever layouts and strong character designs.

This issue covers a lot of ground (including the history behind 'Breed's other-dimensional home), but it's all laid out carefully and it's easy to get up to speed.

Starlin excels at stories like this - a huge setting, hopeless odds, but a resourceful and deadly hero who knows his own abilities and how best to put them to use.

I'm not sure if this is a mini-series (as I suspect) or an ongoing series (as I hope), but it's great to have more Starlin stories to read and Starlin art to enjoy.

Now if he could just manage to find the time to work on some of those other characters listed above, too...

Grade: A-


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