Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Journey Into Mystery #622

With its usual numerical slight of hand, Marvel has turned the numbering of Thor's comic book over to this "new" comic, Journey Into Mystery.

Of course, geezers like me remember a time when Thor's comic was actually titled Journey Into Mystery. Thor's first appearance was in the former monster / mystery comic, and soon the title was turned over to the God of Thunder.

With the movie about to be released, Marvel decided to give Thor a new title and a new number one, so what to do with this title?

Interestingly enough, the focus here is on Asgard in general and the newly-reborn Loki in particular.

Loki was killed during The Siege, but was (somehow) returned to life as a mischevous young teen who apparently has no memory of his earlier, evil self.

This makes him a much more interesting character as he learns about the world around him and tries to determine what he wants to do with his life. He's also uncovering secrets - some dark and some vital to life.

Kieron Gillen provides an interesting, thoughtful script here, loaded with some delightfully off-beat ideas and creations.

The brotherly discussion between Thor and Loki, the examination of modern technology, the discovery of a well-hidden legacy and the mystic journey of seven magpies are just some of the high points in this story - which is to say, it's a creative and thoughtful tale.

I like the artwork by Dougie Braithwaite with Ulises Arreola providing colors. It has a painted look to it, and aside from some odd angles, it's vibrant and always interesting.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting to like this book. Imagine my surprise when I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I'm looking forward anxiously to the next issue.

Grade: A-


Peter Wallace said...

I was avoiding this because of the Fear Itself tie in which I am avoiding. Should I not?

Chuck said...

Pete, the issue does touch on "Fear Itself," although it seems to operate on the edges. If you haven't read the mini-series, it won't hurt your enjoyment of this issue. I liked this issue - lots of interesting ideas going on here - but if you're avoiding "Fear Itself," you might want to wait til it's over before trying this.