Friday, April 15, 2011

The Flash #10

I admit I'm getting frustrated with this comic.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of The Flash and I'm thrilled that Barry Allen is back in the title role.

I think writer Geoff Johns has a great handle on the character and the supporting characters here, and I like the "C.S.I." angle to Barry's job with the police force.

I really like Francis Manapul's art, and he just keeps getting better and the art more kinetic with each issue.

The frustration comes from the fact that this monthly comic consistently shows up late (I know, it's Barry's schtick - but it doesn't work in the real world). The last issue was published two months ago, and considering the slow pace of the ongoing stories, that's a heck of a gap between issues.

Yes, the story is building toward the next event - Flashpoint - but it's doing it at a snail's pace.

In this issue we meet Hot Pursuit, a man with a mysterious agenda who rides a cosmic motorcycle. He unmasks, there's a brief discussion and then he's gone. Kid Flash shows up (I still want to call him Impulse) and then he's gone.

All the elements of the story are spooling out slowly. Why is Barry avoiding his super-speed family? Who's behind a recent bizarre murder? Who's the new assistant at the crime lab?

As it's shaping up, this will make great reading in collected form - but in bite-sized slices, it's taking too long to get a satisfying meal out of this title.

And it's distressing to hear that this comic will be "canceled" in the near future, though I assume (and hope) that just means an eventual reboot.

Hopefully once Flashpoint arrives, it will get the Flash family back in top gear, where it belongs.

Grade: B+


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