Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fear Itself #1 (of 7)

While I'm as tired of "EVENTS" as the next reader, I have to admit that Fear Itself is off to a stunning start.

I admire the fact that you don't need to know any backstory to appreciate Matt Fraction's story (although it couldn't hurt, I suppose). It begins with The Red Skull's daughter Sin uncovering an ancient artifact - a mystic hammer.

When she touches it, she sets in motion a series of events that will have far-reaching and devastating effects.

The beauty of this book is that it brings together characters from The Avengers, Thor and the gods of Asgard, and the aftershocks from the Siege into a solid story that makes sense. There's no sense of patchwork storytelling, of characters shoehorned into a story where they don't belong.

In other words, it feels like a classic "big" Marvel story. There's a real sense of big events coming, and Odin brings about some shocking changes to the status quo.

The art is fantastic. Stuart Immonen just seems to get better every month, and here he's asked to draw an army of heroes, gods, dragons, mystic events and down-to-Earth protests - and it all looks amazing! Outstanding storytelling and beautiful art, with power crackling on each page.

This is what Event Comics should be - great story, top-notch art, mysteries to unravel and a genuine sense of, yes, fear. Great stuff!

Grade: A


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