Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Uncanny X-Force #6

While I've never been a fan of zombie stories, I have always liked the Deathlok character.

Created in 1974 by Rich Buckler and Doug Moench, the character lived in a post-apocalyptic future - is there any other kind? (It was set in the then-distant future of 1990 - honest!)

Deathlok is a man who has been brought back to life as a cyborg - kind of a zombie soldier. And now a version of that character (there have been several different Deathloks over the years) is appearing in this issue of Uncanny X-Force.

He (it?) joins forces with Fantomex in a battle against numerous super-hero versions of Deathlok - if I understand Rick Remender's somewhat murky plot correctly, they're from an alternate reality where humans conquered the heroes and put them to work as controlled cyborgs.

Both good guys and bad are searching for an object known as The World, which apparently can be a great weapon for good or evil. What follows is lots of hoo-hah action, ably (and darkly) rendered by Esad Ribic and John Lucas.

While it's one of the grimmest comics around - not my favorite genre - I have to admit that X-Force is one of Marvel's best books right now.

Go figure.

Grade: A-


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Dom said...

I agree that it's one of Marvel's best right now. Remender is awesome.