Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Magnus Robot Fighter #3

Three issues in and I'm still not sure what to make of the latest version of Magnus Robot Fighter.

I like it - but that's about it.

I'm surprised at the "old-fashioned" feel of this comic - each page is broken up into five or six panel grids - even the first page has two panels.

The art is very good, but you get the sense that the artists - Bill Reinhold and Mike Manley - are working in cramped conditions.

Certainly writer Jim Shooter is squeezing in quite a bit of story in here, as we follow Magnus' attempts to learn about life in North Am while fighting to protect humanity. Here Magnus finds himself fighting for his life in a futuristic version of a Pro Wrestling / Mixed Martial Arts competition.

I especially enjoy Magnus' discussions with his "parent," the robot 1-A, which provide some welcome levity while he's still sorting out his relationship with actual people.

I'm really glad to see Magnus back again, and the foundation is in place for this series to go in any direction - but it's all so serious. It just feels like everyone involved needs to loosen up just a little bit more and have fun, and the readers will follow suit.

Grade: B+


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