Monday, February 28, 2011

King Conan #1

When I first started buying comic books in the 1960s, the artist who did the interior art almost always provided the cover art, too. (Or at least it seemed that way.)

But at some point, comic book companies started handing the cover chores over to artists who were often more dynamic than the the interior artists. I was never crazy about the practice - it seemed like a cheat.

You might think that would be the case with the newest title to star everyone's favorite barbarian, because King Conan sports an amazing cover by Darick Robertson (with Dave Stewart).

The good news is, the interiors are just as impressive. Tomas Giorello turns in some amazing work here, loaded with detailed fantasy settings, powerful characters, nasty villains and an iconic scene that features Conan in a very bad spot indeed.

The story is an adaptation of Robert E. Howard's The Scarlet Citadel, and writer Timothy Truman continues to show his mastery of this kind of barbaric adventure story, with mayhem and court intrigue aplenty.

The story finds Conan the king of Aquilonia, but he is captured when his army is betrayed and ambushed. He is taken in chains to the city of Khorshemish, where he faces death - or worse.

It's a great start to the story, and a great jumping-on spot. The highest praise I can offer is: this comic stars the real Conan. Robert E. Howard would no doubt approve.

Grade: A



Alana said...

Glad to see this reviewed. Your comment about the real Conan could not be further from the truth. While I am enjoying the covers by Wheatley on the other book, it has not maintained the standard set by Truman and Giorello. I am glad to see Robertson on covers for this spectacular issue.

Chuck said...

Alana, thanks for the comment - but I'm confused. Are you agreeing with me or disagreeing?