Sunday, February 20, 2011

Green Lantern #62

The Green Lantern comic has been so wrapped up with cosmic adventures and the aftermath of Blackest Night that it's easy to forget that the title character has human friends, too.

We get a reminder with this issue as several key members of the Justice League of America show up to offer their help in tackling Krona, the powerful mastermind who's capturing the colorful entities that power the various lantern corps.

It's a good down-to-Earth moment for Hal Jordan, and a badly-needed moment where we see the man behind the costume - especially since the story is moving directly into the next cosmic event series, War of the Green Lanterns.

The art is exceptional as always, with Doug Mahnke being covered by three different inkers. Kudos also to colorist Randy Mayor, whose pallet gets a workout here.

Krona may be the most intimidating villain of them all (in GL's Rogues Gallery) , and he's used to good effect here.

This book is a great balance between advancing the story, ongoing mysteries behind several of the characters, and lots of over-the-top action. Fun all the way around!

With a feature film on the way and a big event around the corner, this is once again the comic to watch at DC.

Grade: A-


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