Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Avengers #10

In yesterday's review of Ultimate Spider-Man I talked about my general distaste for cosmic MacGuffins - although I had to admit that the Zodiac Key was used to good effect in that story.

In this issue of The Avengers, the Infinity Gauntlet is at the heart of the story - and even though this book boasts the same writer, the end result isn't as good.

Here we have a traditional quest storyline, as the bad guy (The Hood) is trying to gather the Infinity Gems, while the heroes have split into teams to try to recover the gems first.

The interesting thing about the story is finding out how each member of the Illuminati hid (and protected) the gem they were entrusted with - and the answers are pretty clever. The big flaw is that everything else that happens is predictable.

Even John Romita, Jr.'s art isn't quite up to his usual stellar standards. There's an underwater fight sequence that's all over the place, and there are panels in an X-Men-based fight that are indecipherable.

There's still time to turn this story around - and the "Next issue" cover looks interesting - but I still stand by my original "cosmic MacGuffins stink" platform.

Prove me wrong, Marvel!

Grade: B


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