Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Invincible Iron Man #500

Thanks to Marvel's odd numbering system, The Invincible Iron Man celebrates issue #500 - and it does so with style.

This oversize issue feels like an annual - and actually is a sequel of sorts to the recent Iron Man Annual.

It's both a team-up and a tale across time. In modern times, we see Tony Stark tracking down Peter Parker to uncover a mystery about a weapon Tony was working on before he lost his memory during his battle with Norman Osborn.

They discover a terrorist cell that has plans for Stark's forgotten invention, and that's where the team-up with Spider-Man begins.

Meanwhile, in the distant future, we see an Earth-shaking battle between forces controlled by the Mandarin and those loyal to Stark - and we see how the present-day battle ultimately influences that apocalyptic confrontation.

Four different art teams kick in on Matt Fraction's story, but it all works thanks to the clever way it's all pieced together.

I won't say this is the greatest Iron Man story ever told, but it's quite good, and a powerful celebration for this milestone.

Now, how long before they reboot with a new issue #1? (When is the Iron Man 3 movie hitting theaters?)

Grade: A-


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