Monday, December 13, 2010

The Flash #7

Any good hero needs a good villain, and that's presumably the reasoning behind turning over the latest issue of The Flash to the history - and possible future - of one of his enemies.

The focus here is on Captain Boomerang, the recently resurrected member of Flash's Rogue's Gallery. As a result of the events in Blackest Night / Brightest Day, not only is that character back among the living - he also has a new power. He can generate energy boomerangs that explode on contact, and he throws them with pinpoint accuracy.

It actually seems a bit early in the run of this title to be taking these side-trips, but the story by Geoff Johns is quite good and makes the character more than just a one-note opponent for The Flash.

The art is by the outstanding former Flash artist Scott Kolins, and his work just keeps getting better all the time.

As a result of some surprising moves by Boomerang, the groundwork is laid here for future issues - and we still have to see how his fate plays out in connection to the White Lantern.

So, a solid issue, though one with precious little actual Flash content - but any Flash fan (or fan of the old Suicide Squad) will enjoy it.

Grade: B+


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