Sunday, December 5, 2010

Adventure Comics #521

Considering what a big fan I am of writer Paul Levitz's work on the Legion of Super-Heroes in decades past, I'm surprised to find that his modern-day work just seems... ok.

Maybe he's stretching himself too thin, since he's writing both Adventure Comics and the Legion's regular title.

Up until now, the stories in Adventure were focused on the early years of the team, and did a good job bringing new readers up to date. With this issue, we're back to the "present-day" Legion (if that term applies to a team from the future.

Most of the story is devoted to the search for a new Green Lantern. Instead of the creature Dyogene just going up to the new candidate and presenting the ring, the mystery of "which Legionnaire will wear the ring?" plays out for most of the issue.

It all seems anti-climatic, so the whole story kinda falls flat.

The art by Geraldo Borges and Marlo Alquiza is good - solid superhero stuff.

I'm actually more of a fan of the back-up story that stars The Atom, as that hero unravels a mystery from his past and tries to keep his technology out of the hands of the bad guys. It's a bit slim, but as written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Mahmud Asrar and John Dell, it's very entertaining.

The story ends on a cliffhanger, and this is the last issue of Adventure for the backup feature, but the story will conclude in the Atom Special #2.

I'll be looking for that comic - but I think I'm done with Adventure Comics - at least for now.

Grade: B-


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