Monday, November 22, 2010

Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil (One Shot)

I've admired Richard Corben's artwork for... well, about as long as I've been reading comics.

His style always makes me think of the Underground comics of the '60s and '70s - raw, earthy, edgy - but always loaded with power and humor.

He's especially good at drawing horror tales, and he's done some outstanding work in recent years working on Hellboy - a match made in... well, you know.

In this one-shot issue he gets to tackle two different stories, both starring Mike Mignola's character - and both written by Mignola, too.

The first story is set in Kansas in 1960, as Hellboy is called in to investige the claims of a man who admits to killing people - but that he's being forced into the acts by his house. Which begs the question, how does Hellboy fight a house? The answer is a lot of grisly fun.

The second story is also based on a classic horror conceit - the evil magician taking control of mummies on display in a museum. Hellboy's reaction is priceless.

Look, do you really need me to say any more about this issue? Surely saying "Mignola works with Corben" should be all the information you need.

It's a fun and funny (in a dark humor-kinda way) demonstration about how old stories can get new life in the hands of the right creators.

And there are few better than these two. Recommended!

Grade: A


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