Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Flash #6

Once again, the Fastest Man Alive is running behind.

The old gag was that Barry Allen was always late for appointments, so perhaps it's appropriate that his comic can't seem to stick to a monthly schedule.

The last two issues have had two-month gaps between them, and that's a shame, because the story - when it finally arrives - is quite good.

It has The Flash - police scientist Barry Allen (think CSI: Central City here) - being hauled into a court in the far future for a crime he hasn't committed (yet). The members of his Rogue's Gallery are on the loose and menacing Central City. His wife Iris is facing death at the hands of the mastermind behind the whole scheme. And he's trying to solve the conviction of an innocent man.

So, even for the Flash, it's a busy day.

This issue wraps up the first storyline for the speedster's new comic, and it's a good one. Geoff Johns does a terrific job bringing all the elements together for a satisfying story, and he also manages to plant seeds of future events.

I really like Francis Manapul's art here (though it may be just a tiny bit cartoony for some). His pages are energetic, his characters are animated and the action is a lot of fun.

Really, the only thing hurting this comic is the delay between issues. Hopefully the editorial side of things will get this sorted out soon.

It's a good comic, it could be great - if it could just stick to the schedule.

Grade: A-


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