Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Comic Book Day!

I forgot to mention that last week, for the first time, every comic I bought was cover-priced at $3.99.

Thankfully, this week it was more of a mix. Here's what I picked up at the Comics Shop:

- Avengers #7 - Hmm. Not thrilled with this storyline.

- Batman Incorporated #1 - Giving it a shot.

- Brightest Day #14 - Nice art, but not so sure about the story.

- DC Universe Legacies #7 (of 10) - It's Doomsday!

- The Flash #6 - The Fastest Man Alive in a slowly-published comic.

- Green Lantern #59 - Hey, the Flash is over here, too.

- Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil #1 (One Shot) - Corben art? I'm there!

- Morning Glories #4 - It's like Tower Prep on a bigger budget (a reference for you Cartoon Network fans).

- Superman #705 - Focusing on a grim real-world problem.

- Warlord of Mars #2 - Finally catching up to the book.

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