Saturday, October 16, 2010

Superman #703

As Superman's "Grounded" series continues, readers are no doubt still wondering whether or not the idea is working. (OK, perhaps that should be "I'm still wondering").

That's because, for the third issue in a row, not much happens. Well, that's not quite fair - Superman has a conversation with Batman (Dick Grayson), and then has a big fight in the middle of a small town.

But if this series was supposed to reveal hidden sides of the Man of Steel, or provide a different kind of story, than so far it's just not getting it.

Perhaps Superman's too powerful for these kind of "street-level" stories. They're fine once in a while, but a steady diet of them is, so far, just a bit on the boring side.

The art is good, and Eddy Barrows and J.P. Mayer have a good command of expression and anatomy, but the action sequences are disjointed, with no real flow from panel to panel.

The series just feels... disappointing so far. I'm usually patient with an attempt at something different, but so far J. Michael Straczynski's efforts here are just so-so.

I was hoping for exceptional.

Grade: B


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