Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Magnus, Robot Fighter #2

With the second issue, the creative team behind Magnus, Robot Fighter seem to have a better handle on the feel and direction for this comic.

This issue starts in the middle of a big fight scene, as Magnus finds himself up against some big opponents and overwhelming odds.

The issue is loaded with action sequences but doesn't skimp on the characterization, either. We learn more about Leeja Clane, a tough and willful woman who puts herself in harm's way in order to shut down an operation that deals in slavery and worse. We also see that Magnus is a smart fighter, and doesn't just rely on his steel-smashing strength.

I like the relationship that writer Jim Shooter is building between the two. In the original series, they were almost instantly romantically involved, but here there's more tension and playful banter - we're not sure if they'll end up together or not.

The action is a lot more gritty than the original version of this character, as he has to face down all kinds of creatures - not just killer robots.

I like Bill Reinhold's art for this comic. It's loaded with detail, great character designs, sexy women and a futuristic world that seems to be real.

So far the comic manages to walk the thin line between being too dark and too light. It definitely has the feel of those early Valiant issues.

I'm enjoying the series, so here's hoping that balancing act continues!

Grade: A-


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