Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Justice League of America #50

I think I need to take a break from this comic.

Which is difficult to do, because the Justice League of America has always been one of my favorites. But every issue I've read for the past couple of years has been, frankly, disappointing.

I mean, this comic should be a no-brainer. Combine the world's greatest super-heroes, pit them against a powerful opponent, throw in some characterization, a dash of humor, a few cliffhangers, and you have an entertaining comic.

But the Justice League hasn't been like that for some time now. It doesn't feature the "A" list heroes - just the character with almost the same powers. So instead of Superman / Batman / Wonder Woman / Green Lantern / Flash, we get Supergirl / Batman (Dick Grayson) / Donna Troy / Jade / Jonni Quick.

All fine characters, but all living in the shadow of the original.

I also can't help but note that the problem with this team is a repeat of the "Detroit Justice League," which was mentioned in the most recent issue of DC Universe Legacies. In it, Paul Lincoln says, "Really? This is now the Justice League? They're supposed to be the world's greatest super-heroes, damn it, not some third-string little league."

Different decade, same problem.

It's almost a shame to see a fine artist like Mark Bagley working hard, turning in great artwork (although some of the inking in this issue is shaky), all for a team that's more Teen Titans than JLA. (Not that there's anything wrong with the Titans - I was a big fan of that comic for many years, too. Lately, not so much.)

The story features the return of the Crime Syndicate, the Earth-3 "evil JLA," and there's plenty of fighting, story threads and sub-plots going on (not to mention some casual slaughter and semi-nudity), but after I put the comic down it felt like nothing had happened - like the book is just spinning its wheels until the "big three" return.

I think I'll likewise take a break from future issues until the powers that be decide to bring the JLA back.

Grade: C+


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