Sunday, October 3, 2010

Captain America #610

While I've been a big fan of most of writer Ed Brubaker's work on this series, I have to say I'm not as enthused about the "Bucky-as-Captain America" stories.

This issue wraps up the latest story as the modern Baron Zemo expends a great deal of effort to taunt Cap with the notion that he doesn't deserve to wear the uniform or carry the name.

As psychological torture goes, this is mighty thin gruel. For those who came in late, Bucky (during World War II) barely survived the explosion that left Cap in suspended animation. Bucky lost an arm and was rescued by the Soviets, who brainwashed him and turned him into the Winter Solider, a covert assassin.

In the present we have Zemo confronting Bucky with the hero's murderous past, all of which is leading up to the next issue, the Trial of Captain America. Let's just hope his trial doesn't last as long as the Flash's did (we're talking years, literally).

While the story didn't impress, the artwork does. Butch Guice is doing some of his all-time best work here, and that's saying something. Powerful layouts, great characters, loads of detail - it's very impresive.

While Bucky has been a good fill-in Cap, I have to admit that I'm ready for the "Real McCoy" to get back into the uniform. I'm all for Bucky sticking around with a different costume and a better hero name, but it's past time for Steve to get back to business.

Oh, and this comic's backup feature was very weak. How about turning that space over to the Falcon or Bucky? (I'm just teeming with helpful suggestions today.)

Grade: B+



Dwayne said...

While I'm not reading the Captain America book, I just want to say that I think the idea of someone else taking over for Captain America or Batman is ludicrous. Can we please just have our characters back?

Chuck said...

Yeah, that kind of story is ok on a temporary basis - but since both characters have had replacements before, didn't they learn their lesson the first time?

Dwayne said...

Temporary, as in one arc in one book, maybe. But, over many books taking years? I can't find a Batman book to read these days. (Yes, I know Neal Adams' Batman Odyssey is Bruce Wayne, but I mean a real book!)