Friday, October 29, 2010

Avengers #6

First of all - see that cover image? Doesn't happen in this comic (though it would be very cool if it did).

This issue of the Avengers is the wrap-up for the inaugural storyline, a big-time, hoo-hah time travel story to end all time travel stories.

Kudos to writer Brian Bendis for taking a fresh approach to what could have easily degenerated into standard fare. There are several twists, some unexpected shocks, the groundwork is laid for a future event, and we see some more of the "baby" Avengers - what's not to like?

It doesn't hurt that the art is provided by John Romita, Jr., whose style combines elements of his father's art (natch), John Buscema's slick but rugged approach, and Jack Kirby's raw power and intensity. There are quiet moments and mind-boggling battle scenes, intense confrontations and funny bits. Great stuff!

This comic may not be universally loved - time travel stories aren't for everyone. But for a glimpse at a possible future for the Avengers, some major league battle scenes and several good examples of smart heroes making smart decisions, this new version of America's Team (sorry, Dallas Cowboys) is off to a flying start.

Grade: A-


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