Monday, September 6, 2010

Scarlet #2

I was unsettled by the first issue of this series, which depicted the title character murdering a police officer.

For the second issue of Scarlet, we get more of the same, and a bit more illumination about why she's behaving this way.

But we're still only seeing part of the story, and (presumably) there's a lot more to learn about this character.

One of the unique things about this story is the way the title character will often turn and directly address the reader (at least I hope this is what the comic shows - I'd hate to think I was the only one Scarlet is talking to).

It's a clever storytelling trick, but I'm not sure it works - it tends to pull you out of the illusion of the story.

But if the story still leaves me cold, I have nothing but praise for the artwork. Alex Maleev does an amazing job depicting real-world people and settings and making them dramatic and vivid.

It's the story I'm struggling with. As always, Brian Bendis' dialogue crackles, and the characters "feel" like real people.

But the series feels like a different take on the Punisher - instead of criminals, Scarlet hunts down crooked police officers.

Here's what I said about the first issue of Scarlett (and it's all still true):
I have to admit that I'm still on the fence with this comic. Part of me fears it's just going to be about a crazed vigilante out for revenge, and part of me is dying to see where it goes from here.

I'm going to hang around for a few more issues and see which way this thing is leaning. Whatever happens, it promises to be an interesting ride.
So far, I'm still hanging. But I feel my grip slipping.

Grade: B



Bobby Nash said...

You lasted longer than me. Issue 1 didn't grab me so I skipped issue 2.

Chuck said...

Bobby, I can understand - right now, I'm hanging around more for the art, and out of curiosity to see where the story is going. But this one's hanging by a thread.