Thursday, September 30, 2010

Avengers Prime #3 (of 5)

The first thing you should know about Avengers Prime is that the artwork is incredible.

Alan Davis is one of the top artists in the business, and this issue shows why. Aided by inker Mark Farmer, Davis presents a setting that's filled with magic and majesty, and the kind of power that been all too rare since Jack Kirby left us. He brings Asgard (or rather, the nine realms) to vivid life, and populates it with stunning creatures, heroes and beauties.

Each hero is drawn completely in character - from Thor's righteous anger to Cap - er, Steve Rogers' steely determination to Tony Stark's never-ending smugness, even when stripped naked.

The story by Brian Bendis is played fast and breezy (though with some dark edges), as each hero faces some overwhelming odds. Readers of Thor may find some plot points that seem out of place, given the events in recent issues of his comic, but it's all in good fun, so we can forgive (especially since we haven't seen the whole explanation yet).

As this series hits its mid-point, it's still a lot of fun and - if for the art alone - well worth picking up.

Grade: A-


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