Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Morning Glories #1

Here's an interesting and twisted new title from Image Comics.

Morning Glories is one part college drama, a smattering of superhero team comic and a healthy dollop of Lost.

On the surface of it, it all seems normal enough. The comic is set in a prestigious academy where only the best and brightest may attend.

After a rip-snorting (and somewhat grim) beginning, we meet the newest additions to the school - six young people with distinct and interesting personalities. We also get some hints about the dark purpose behind the school - and more than a few mysteries unfold.

Written by Nick Spenser, it's not an upbeat, happy comic at all - there are a lot of bad things lurking just below the surface here. But it's certainly interesting, and well worth checking out.

I like the art by Joe Eisma a lot - he's dealing with (mostly) everyday settings here, but he keeps the pages interesting and the characters original, appealing and lively.

I'd warn (again) that this is not a peppy, feel-good story - but it is dark and compelling and a heck of a good start. I'll be back for the next issue.

Grade: A-


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