Sunday, August 15, 2010

Linking to Amazon

Hey, your pal Chuck is finally giving in and allowing a few commercial-type links on the Comic of the Day blog - hope that's OK with everyone out there. (As a certain site always says, Chuck's gotta eat!)

I plan to keep it limited to sites I use myself - for example, will be showing up here regularly. (I'm putting their kids through college!)

The way it works is, I'll post links to their site. If you click on the ad, it'll take you to Amazon's site. If you buy something, I'll get a few pennies out of the deal - which I'll promptly spend on more comics. There are no obligations on your part - use or ignore the links as you see fit.

At any rate, it's an experiment. Let me know what you think!

Here are our first links, which tie into tomorrow's review:


-> Ray said...

You should be getting a few cents out of my purchase of Showcase (Legion) Volume 4.

Chuck said...

Woo hoo! Our first customer - thanks for your business!