Saturday, August 14, 2010

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #1

As discussed in this review several months back, I'm a longtime fan of the Green Lantern named Guy Gardner.

DC hasn't made it easy. They've made him the comic relief, they've given him brain damage, they made him a jerk, they depowered him, and they dropped him in the middle of a crowd of thousands of Green Lanterns from across the universe.

But you can't keep a great character down - especially since we're seeing a resurgence of the Green Lantern mythos at DC Comics.

There's a new film in the works based on Hal Jordan and that series was the basis for the incredibly successful mega-series, Blackest Night - so it's no surprise that DC has decided to expand the line, and with Emerald Warriors the focus is on the Lantern who's tough as nails and takes no prisoners - Guy Gardner.

The story by Peter Tomasi follows closely on the heels of elements set up in Blackest Night and earlier GL issues, as Guy undertakes a mysterious mission into the galaxy's Uncharted Sectors.

He's apparently working with Atrocitus, the leader of the Red Lanterns, though the purpose of the mission hasn't been revealed - yet.

The artwork by Fernando Pasarin and Cam Smith is outstanding, with lots of over-the-top action sequences, excellent character designs and striking layouts.

It's not a perfect beginning to the series - there are a couple of sequences that make almost no sense at all (I'm looking at you, final scene) and others that are confusing (what are Guy and Ganthet doing with the Book of the Black?), and the opening action sequence doesn't do much other than establish Guy as a tough space cop.

But I'm willing to forgive those failings, because it's great just to see Guy back in action and back in character, as a smart, rough and ready hero who's willing to do the dirty jobs to protect the innocent. Oh, and I'm also glad to see him starring in his own comic, rather than sharing the lineup with a cast of dozens in Green Lantern Corps.

About durn time.

Grade: B+

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