Monday, August 2, 2010

The Flash #4

It's not unusual to see The Flash going up against the members of his Rogue's Gallery - but this time there's a key difference.

These Rogues are good guys, and they're from the future. They've come to the present to arrest the Flash for a crime he hasn't committed yet, which seems odd, because they keep talking about not changing the present - but won't arresting the Flash change events?

Of course, if you think too hard about Time Travel stories, you'll wind up with a headache.

At any rate, things go awry quickly here as the amped-up Captain Boomerang shows up and attacks - well, everyone, leading to some really impressive high-speed efforts by our hero.

We also finally get the back story behind The Flash's upcoming crime - and it's a stunner.

Writer Geoff Johns and artist Francis Manapul are really hitting on all cylinders with this issue, as the scope of the menace is revealed, and we're left to wonder - can The Flash avoid the dark future he's facing?

Johns manages the difficult task of tying the history of this title together with a new and serious menace - and wraps it all up with a heck of a cliffhanger. Oh, and he gives Barry a great line leading into the opening action sequence.

I really like Manapul's art here - it's loaded with energy, fresh layouts and a unique style that's perfect for this high-speed adventure.

Since returning in Final Crisis, Barry (Flash) Allen has appeared in two mini-series and now an ongoing series - and just four issues in, this story is the best of the three.

Grade: A-

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