Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ultimate New Ultimates #3

See, the thing with all the Ultimates stories is, there are no heroes in there.

You've got quite a cast here - Iron Man, who's a drunk and a jerk; Captain America, a fighting machine who demonstrates no compassion; Hawkeye, a killing machine without remorse; Zarda, an insane Wonder Woman knock-off; Carol Danvers, who's Nick Fury in drag; Ka-Zar, Shanna and the Black Panther, just here in supporting roles; and Valkyrie, a would-be hero whose story is the focus of this issue.

The story is all crash and thunder as Loki leads an army of trolls and assorted monsters in an invasion of New York while Thor is stuck in Valhalla, working with Hela to, uh, increase the population (so to speak).

Once again, the real selling point of this issue is the art by Frank Cho, who provides some amazing splash pages here, loaded with detail, great action scenes, powerful characters and lots of beautiful women.

Unfortunately, Cho's great work comes with a price - so this comic just appears bi-monthly (at best), and that makes for a long wait between chapters. I have to admit, when I pick up each issue, my first thought is, "Now what was happening in this comic?"

It's worth it for that art, but I wish they'd just wait until the story was done, and then publish it on a tighter schedule. But the art makes the comic worth waiting for.

Now if they only had more actual heroes in there.

Grade: B+

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