Monday, July 12, 2010

Scarlet #1

On this creator-owned title, they're making it difficult to like the title character.

That's because the very first panel of Scarlet shows her choking a man to death, and smiling as she does so. We then find out he's a cop, and she takes the cash he has in his pocket.

If there's a good justification for her actions (other than her belief that he's a crooked cop), we don't see it in this issue.

What we do get is an interesting character study by writer Brian Bendis. The issue provides her backstory courtesy of the character herself, who "breaks the fourth wall" and talks directly to the reader.

It's a bit disconcerting, to be honest, since it's not played for laughs (as John Byrne did with the She-Hulk). But it's an interesting choice.

The art is by Alex Maleev, and he turns in some amazing work here (which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who's seen his work before). The art builds a world that seems intensely real, and characters who are very much alive. Sometimes vicious, sometimes sweet and touching, this may be the best work Maleev's done yet - and that's impressive.

I have to admit that I'm still on the fence with this comic. Part of me fears it's just going to be about a crazed vigilante out for revenge, and part of me is dying to see where it goes from here.

I'm going to hang around for a few more issues and see which way this thing is leaning. Whatever happens, it promises to be an interesting ride.

Grade: A-


Bobby Nash said...

Yeah. This one didn't do much for me either. Not sure if I'll be there for issue 2.

Chuck said...

Yeah, I'm solidly on the fence with this one. I want to give it a chance, and I really like the art, but it all feels a bit too Punisher-y, if that makes sense. I'll go at least one more issue before bailing.