Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Comics Today

Here's what I picked up at the comics shop today:

- Adventure Comics #516 - Mostly for the Atom backup.

- Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine #2 - Liked the first one's story, crazy about the art.

- Astro City: Silver Agent #1 (of 2) - Love this character and this series.

- Avengers Academy #2 - Liked the first one, so I'm back for seconds.

- Batman #701 - The story (two years later) about what happened between RIP and Final Crisis.

- Brave and the Bold #35 - What fan could resist a team-up between the Inferior Five and the Legion of Substitute Heroes? Not I!

- Conan the Cimmerian #22 - Beginning the adaptation of Howard's "Iron Shadows in the Moon."

- Doc Savage #4 - Wraps up the first storyline. Enjoying the Avenger backup strip more than the lead, sadly.

- Doctor Solar #1 - Good to see him back in action.

- The Invincible Iron Man #28 - This has been darned good.

- Richard Stark's Parker: The Man With Getaway the Face (prelude)
- Just read The Hunter recently - looking forward to the sequel.

- Superman #701 - The beginning of the "Grounded" series.

- Thanos Imperative #2 (of 6) - Breaking out the big "G."

- Ultimate Spider-Man #12 - The Chameleon does bad things to Spidey's life.


Evan Minsker said...

Curious to hear your take on the new Parker book. I was wondering when that one was coming out.

Safe bet: he's going to kill a lot of people. And he won't feel bad about it.

Chuck said...

Yeah, I'd never read the books so I was surprised to realize that Parker was not a good guy at all. But Darwyn Cooke's work is amazing!

I think your bet is safe, and I'll go so far as to say he'll rough up at least one woman, too. (And lots of guys.)