Sunday, July 18, 2010

Avengers Academy #2

While I would hesitate to call Avengers Academy "the best Avengers comic out there," in many ways it is the most interesting of the bunch.

That's because writer Christos Gage has created a really interesting mix of characters here, including the six young superheroes-in-training and their five instructors.

The really interesting twist to the story is the discovery by the students that they were chosen not because of their potential to become heroes, but out of fear of their potential as villains.

This issue focuses on the student with the most potential to make that turn - Finesse, a young woman with great intellect and amazing physical skills who struggles with her own morality.

We also get a good examination of Quicksilver, one of the instructors at the Academy and someone whose life has more than a few parallels with Finesse.

The art in this issue by Mike McKone is outstanding, with some great action scenes, strong character designs and lots of raw emotions.

The book takes full advantage of the school setting and manages to mix in that original X-Men / Harry Potter feel without coming off as a copy.

It's fresh, it's original and lots of fun. So far, so good!

Grade: A-

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