Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ultimate X #3

In the Ultimate Universe, the X-Men are disbanded and mostly dead.

The mutants who are still around are being hunted by the law, thanks to Magneto's recent attempt to destroy the world.

Staying one step ahead of their pursuers, the mutants are gathering together - though whether it's for mutual protection or to fight back, we're not sure.

Each issue in this series has focused on a different mutant, including Wolverine's son Jimmy Hudson (who inherited dad's claws), Karen Grant (who's really Jean Grey), and in this issue, an Angel-like mutant named Derek Morgan.

Derek is more of a hawk than a dove, and he spends his nights fighting the bad guys while trying to avoid the police. Which is difficult, because he lives with his brother who happens to be a cop.

This series has been pretty good up 'til now, but this issue is a bit of a stumble. The character doesn't seem to be well thought out, and the resolution is unsatisfying.

As always, the artwork by living legend Art Adams is incredible, with an amazing amount of detail on display - but the work isn't helped by the colors credited to Aspen MLT's Peter Steigerwald - it's all dark and muddy and seems to be doing its best to obscure the artwork (the cover's an excellent example of the problem).

From the first issue, you might have expected that this series was going to focus on a single character, but now it seems that we're seeing the reformation of the X-Men.

The story by Jeph Loeb is moving slow (it's the style, after all), but even with this issue's slight slip, it's still a story well worth following. So far.

Grade: B+

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