Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hawkeye and Mockingbird #1

This is a comic that leaves me feeling conflicted.

I like the characters. Hawkeye is brash, funny and clever, while Mockingbird is tough, smart and also funny. They make a great team, and there's lots of potential for wordplay and character growth in this series.

I'm glad to see them both getting (somewhat) back to basics, with Hawkeye back in his blue-and-purple costume (somewhat modified), and Mockingbird in her white-and-(gray? Dark blue?) costume.

The setup is a bit more shaky - Mockingbird is running a World Counterterrorism Agency, dedicated to - well, the name says it all. It seems a bit redundant in a world where SHIELD is back in the hands of the good guys, but there you are. Hawkeye is there to help, along with a small group of specialists.

Still, the issue starts briskly, with a freeform chase sequence and the return of an old foe.

The issue is written by Jim McCann, and it takes several surprising turns along the way - some more shocking than others. It's interesting, it's a good start - but the story still suffers from having to cram a lot of introductions and setups into this issue, and there are few unsettling events included.

I might end up liking it, depending on where the story goes, but I'm not convinced yet.

The art is solid, with pencils by David Lopez and inks by Alvaro Lopez. It's clean, fun and has a real sense of exhuberance to it. There are a few quibbles - Hawkeye's costume doesn't always look quite right - but those are minor. There are strong layouts and fun splash pages to enjoy.

So it's a solid effort so far, but it may take a few more issues to see if this story will work - but I'm willing to stick around and see how it goes.

Grade: B

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