Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Comics Haul of the Day

Here's what I picked up today at the comics shop:

- Avengers #2
- A wild, over-the-top adventure building here.

- Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3 (of 6) - A bit of a muddle but a fun ride so far.

- Fantastic Four #580 - This just keeps getting better all the time.

- Green Arrow #1 - Checking out the new version.

- Legion of Super-Heroes #2 - Enjoyed the first issue quite a bit.

- Powers #5 - Dark stories, but entertaining.

- Secret Warriors #17 - Hard to pass up any comic with the Howling Commandos in it.

- Superman #700 - Fresh off the New Krypton mega-series, let's kick off another year-long tale. Poor Superman never gets a break.

And that's it!

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