Monday, June 14, 2010

Captain America #606

The Captain America comic continues to be somewhat in flux, perhaps caught on the horns of a dilemma.

By introducing Bucky as the new Cap while Steve Rogers was (temporarily) dead, writer Ed Brubaker gave us an interesting character - and even though Steve has returned, we're not at all sure that we want to see Bucky go away or return to being Bucky or revert to being the Winter Soldier. So what to do?

Marvel has thrown readers a curve by not putting Steve back in his role as Cap, and instead making him the new chief of SHIELD. To be honest, I'm not crazy about the idea - I was looking forward to Steve's return, and this feels like one of those "cutting the baby in half" solutions, leaving both sides room to gripe.

But even with those complaints, I'm enjoying the new story that begins in this issue. We see the return of Cap's second-biggest villain (behind the Red Skull, of course) - Baron Zemo, who's apparently been hiding under a rock somewhere and is unaware that Bucky is now carrying the shield.

Handling the art is Butch Guice, who's doing the best work of his career here - bold layouts, detailed art, Steranko-esque sequences - great stuff!

This comic is setting the scene for the coming conflict with Zemo, and does so with great skill. And hey, Steve Rogers puts in an appearance, too, so even conflicted fans should be happy.

Grade: A-

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