Friday, June 4, 2010

Avengers Prime #1

This comic had me at "Art by Alan Davis." But luckily, there are several other good reasons to pick it up.

Avengers Prime focuses on three of the "Founding Fathers" of the team - Thor, Iron Man and Captain Steve (don't call me Captain America yet) Rogers.

After events in recent years - particularly in Civil War, which found Steve and Tony on opposite sides (Thor was "dead" at the time, but Tony helped create a clone of him, which Thor wasn't happy about when he returned to life and found out about it).

So these three have some fences to mend with each other, and this series has found a way to put them together in a story that takes place between the end of Siege and the beginning of the Heroic Age.

The story is written by Brian Bendis, and it's a great balance between tense discussions between the three heroes and an action-packed romp, with Cap - uh, Steve - starring in a terrific fight sequence.

The art by Davis and inker Mark Farmer is (of course) fantastic, with heroes and action aplenty, the ruins of Asgard, mystic landscapes, strange creatures and some familiar faces. These guys are playing at the top of their game. Great stuff.

So far, the best way to sum it up is: it feels like a classic Marvel comic - and I consider that a heckuva compliment.

Grade: A-

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