Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Justice League of America #45

There are things about this issue of the Justice League of America that confuse me.

The last couple of issues of the title have included members of the Justice Society of America, but according to the last page of this issue, the official JLA / JSA crossover doesn't start until next issue. Why?

Then there's the matter of Supergirl and Power Girl (who take center stage on this cover, as if you need me to tell you). Presumably PG (who's from Earth-2) is just a slightly-older version of SG. So why don't they look alike (other than both having blonde hair)?

As this cover and the interiors clearly demonstrate, PG is different from SG in another, ah, upfront category. (Yes, I'm talking about PG's chest. Sue me.)

But getting to the point of the issue - this is a pretty good setup for the crossover that starts next issue (and not a moment sooner). It picks up from last issue, when we saw a green, crystalline meteor crash to Earth, containing Jade, the recently resurrected hero and daughter of the original Green Lantern (Alan Scott).

As a long-time reader, I like the way this story ties in with the Silver Age origin of GL, and it expands on the concept nicely. But don't expect too much - this issue is mostly setup for that crossover thing I keep mentioning.

The art is by Mark Bagley, and it's outstanding - although the colors seem a bit murky on this issue. Still, his strong layouts and dynamic figures shine through.

For quite a while now the JLA has not been what it should be - namely, the top comic in the DC lineup. For the first time in far too long, it feels like it's almost there, and getting closer all the time.

Thank goodness!

Grade: B+

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