Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birds of Prey #1

This is a comic I first picked up (back when it first appeared) because it was written by Chuck Dixon, and I try to pick up as much of his work as possible.

I enjoyed Birds of Prey and stayed with it for a long time, because the stories were action-packed, loaded with drama and lots of fun to read. And it didn't hurt that the comic starred an assortment of beautiful super-heroines.

But after Dixon left I drifted away from it - but now the comic is back and I decided to give it a try - and so far, I'm glad I did.

Now under the guidance of writer Gail Simone, this issue is all about bringing the group back together (apparently they'd disbanded at the end of the last series). It moves along briskly, re-introduces the characters and sets up a very impressive challenge for them to confront.

I like the characters included, most of them long-time favorites, including Black Canary, Oracle (Barbara Gordon), Huntress, Lady Blackhawk, Dove and the only dude in the group (so far), the newly-resurrected Hawk (via Blackest Night).

Rounding out the creative team is artist Ed Benes, about whom I am conflicted. His art is very good, and he's especially adept at drawing beautiful women, but for some reason his work feels - I don't know, antiseptic, if that's the right word. The characters just never seem to show much in the way of emotion. But perhaps I shouldn't feel that way - his figures are outstanding and his pages are well laid-out - thoroughly professional.

So this comic is back and with its original vibe - what I'd say is certainly a good start.

Grade: B+

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