Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Avengers #1

This issue kicks off the coming tsunami of Avenger titles by resurrecting the original, adjective-less title, and it's a very promising start indeed.

The story begins with an unusual team of Avengers - one only seen up to now in an animated film. That spins out into what promises to be a wild time-traveling adventure.

Writer Brian Bendis sets in motion the always-enjoyable "setting of the roster" story (and giving us some great character bits along the way) with Captain Steve Rogers in place as the new head of SHIELD - and he's the one assembling the lineup when a certain classic villain appears and the action kicks into high gear.

Helping this issue achieve high grades is the exceptional art by John Romita, Jr. and Klaus Janson - among the best in the business right now. This comic is worth buying for the art alone - especially the page where Thor goes on the attack.

And oh, that final panel.

Glad to see the end of the Dark Reign, and anxious to see where this team goes from here. It promises to be a lot of fun.

Grade: A


Superman Fan Podcast said...

If I had all the money in the world, one of the things I would do with it would be to buy every comic book John Romita, Jr. draws!

Chuck said...

S.F.P., Amen to that! He's definitely one of the best of the second-generation of artists.