Thursday, April 8, 2010

Batman and Robin #11

According to the cover of this issue, the return of Bruce Wayne begins here. (I know, you're shocked that somehow he's not actually dead.)

But the story actually started last issue with Dick (Batman) Grayson investigating some hidden rooms below Wayne Manor. His investigation continues this issue as he uncovers more Bat-related secrets that point to a long association between those flying rodents and the Wayne family.

At the same time, writer Grant Morrison has a murder mystery (and a murderous gang) being tackled by Robin and the mysterious Detective Sexton, who we are obviously meant to think is really Bruce Wayne - but that would be too easy.

We also see that Talia is going for the world record in the "Most Controlling Mom" category.

With lots of mystery, some tantalizing clues, a deadly gang and a (seemingly) murderous turn for Robin, there's a lot in this issue to like.

It's all bolstered by an outstanding job on the art by Andy Clarke and Scott Hanna. From a moody rumble in a cemetery to the mysteries under the mansion, the art is clean, detailed and expressive.

The creative team is doing good work here, telling a compelling and involved story, but one that doesn't lose the reader along the way.

If you're ready for (the real) Batman's return, you should probably be jumping on here (or better yet, last issue). So far, it's shaping up nicely.

Grade: A-

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