Sunday, February 21, 2010

Captain America #603

If anyone picked up this issue hoping for more political controversy like that stirred up in the previous issue, they were no doubt disappointed.

That's because this issue dealt entirely with Captain (Bucky) America infiltrating the militia group being led by the crazed Cap from the '50s.

As explained in a '70s story written by Steve Englehart, the Cap that appeared in the '50s was actually an imposter who tried to fill Caps boots, right down to having his looks surgically altered to resemble Steve Rogers. Unfortunately, the process that gave him his strength and athletic abilities also left him mentally unbalanced, so he was placed in suspended animation.

He awoke in modern times (more or less) and has fought the real Cap more than once.

So in this issue, we see Bucky Cap and the Falcon putting their plan into action - and I have to say, it's a terrible plan. Why not call in the authorities or the Avengers or somebody to deal with this army, instead of trying to take them out alone?

Ah well. The comic features outstanding art by Luke Ross and Butch Guice, but the whole thing just feels like the creative team is stalling for time.

The comic features a backup feature with Nomad, the female Bucky from another world (sorry, I'm not explaining this one because I don't think I understand it, either). I read it and I couldn't tell you what happened because I just don't care. Sorry.

I say enough with the fill-in Caps - how about bringing back the real thing?

Grade: B-

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