Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ultimate Spider-Man #6

Keep in mind that I'm a huge fan of this comic - but for once, this one suffers in comparison to the original.

By an amazing coincidence, I reviewed The Amazing Spider-Man #25 just four days ago, and it's the basis for this issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. At least that's where the "bad guy" first appeared.

Of course, writer Brian Bendis takes the story in a completely different direction, just as he is doing with the whole comic. Instead of being about a solitary hero, this comic has become a team comic.

In the wake of the devastation of Ultimatum (ptooey), Aunt May finds herself running a boarding house for wayward super-heroes, including the Human Torch and Iceman. It's a very different take on the adventures of Spidey, and so far it's a lot of fun.

But where the original Spider-Slayer story was loaded with fun and adventure, as Spider-Man faced an unbeatable foe, this issue treats the Slayer as a throwaway opponent - no real laughs, no twist ending, just some violence and destruction.

There are lots of good things about the comic - the interactions between the new crowd of heroes suddenly living in Aunt May's house is a lot of fun, we see the answer to a mystery that's been around since the first issue, and the art by David Lafuente is excellent as always.

It stays at the top of my list - but this issue suffers in comparison to the original Stan Lee / Steve Ditko comic.

But don't feel bad - 99 percent of the comics in existence also fail to live up to that classic.

Grade: B-

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