Friday, January 22, 2010

Blackest Night: The Flash #2 (of 3)

Most of the Blackest Night spin-offs and tie-ins have followed the same formula, but Blackest Night: The Flash is the exception.

That's because it fits snugly in continuity between the last issue of Blackest Night and (presumably) the next issue. Here we find Barry (The Flash) Allen fighting for his life against friends and foes who have been resurrected as Black Lanterns.

But Barry has also changed (in a way I won't spoil) and wields a surprising power that's effective against his zombified opponents.

And there's another story running alongside that one, as we see what happens when the living members of the Flash's Rogues Gallery track down the dead Rogues - and there are several of them.

What follows is a heck of a fight with lots of emotional impact and a big twist at the end (at least it feels like a twist).

It's great to see writer Geoff Johns and artist Scott Kolins working together again - they're both on their game in this fast-paced, high-impact story.

Almost every Blackest Night tie-in has been forgettable - but this series, thankfully, is the exception.

Grade: A-

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